Sydney, Australia 2010 – Day 3

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This morning we decided to goto the famous Bondi (Bond-die) beach and try our hand at surfing… surfing never happened (for us). We ended leaving home around 930AM and made our way to Bondi Junction. At Bondi Junction, we went to Westfield Mall which was a lovely mall with stores outside. Some staple stores were Chanel, Louis Vuitton but also stores like Quiksilver and Glue.  We shopped for a bit and finally got to Bondi beach by 1-130PM. We walked the boardwalk not really knowing where we were going but for a holiday, the beach wasn’t overly crowded. We found the “Let’s go Surfing” shop but saw that the hours for surf lessons ended at 12 which we didn’t check on the website before we left. We saw them on the beach in mid lesson. What a bust. It also didn’t help the mood that it was an overcast day and sun was far from being seen. We grabbed some fish and chips and ate on the beach then waded in the water for a bit before making our way to the coastline which was the Bondi to Coogee walk. The walk is nice and brings you above the water and a good lookout point. Waves, rocks, beach and surfers made the walk even that much more enjoyable. On this walk, you can walk the whole coast up to Coogee Beach or just leave the path and enter in the suburban areas and catch a bus the rest of the way.

We walked on the trail up until Tamarama beach where we entered into the suburban neighbourhood. I absolutely love good architecture and being beach homes and what not, there were a few modern homes I could picture myself living in.  We made it back to Bondi Rd and tried to plan last minute to see if we could make it to the zoo but then realized it closed at 5PM and it was already 4PM so we decided to head back to Circular Quay area to shop at a semi indoor and outdoor mall. We finished around 530-6PM and took the train to meet up with uncle and auntie for dinner. Uncle had lent us a mobile to use during our stay so we met them in Chatswood at one of their usual spots. So much food. Apparently, to their standards they say Andrew and myself don’t eat much. Trust me when I say I am stuffing myself. Uncle keeps joking that he doesn’t want us to return home and complain to our father that uncle didn’t feed us enough. As per my fathers request, we had Aussie lager with uncle.

Tomorrow is Blue Mountain and day after we leave for Cairns.

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