Sydney, Australia 2010 – Day 2

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Uncle had offered to be our tour guide and take us on a day tour of Sydney. We walked over to the Cityrail (equivalent to Toronto’s Union Station) and took the train from Gordon into the city to Central Station. It was a double decker train going in which was nice. When we arrived at Central Station, we found our way to Circular Quay where you can see the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Uncle and Auntie had recommended a Belgian beer restaurant to try a pot of oysters but it being a holiday and all, it was closed. We did our touristy stuff and took tons of photos at the harbour and of the opera house but being a holiday, the place was covered with people. Uncle bought us day passes – “MyMulti” that he calls “1 day trippa’s” which cost 20AUD that gives you access to train, bus and ferry transportation. From the docking area, we could’ve boarded a ferry that would’ve taken us to the zoo but we opted to head over to Manly beach. It was a nice 30 minute ride over with views of the harbour and Opera house from the waters and less people in my shots. When we docked at Manly Wharf, we walked the coastline on the path as the beach was overly crowded due to the holiday. We stopped nearby for lunch at sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt. I tried to do some shopping but as i was looking around, I was wondering why there was winter jackets out and i realized that in Australia right now (April/May), they are going into fall. Also, we were confused with the conversion rate from CAD to AUD which is actually at par with one another.

We decided to take a “scenic route” home by taking the bus with many turns through rural neighbourhoods which took about an hour. It stopped in Chatswood which is like another Chinatown unfortunately we were too tired to walk around. Uncle is letting us go out on our own the next 2 days. I think i know my way around now.

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