Waikiki – Oahu – Hawaii – 2014 – Day 3 & 4

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Woke up and did a workout before we started our day. Melissa, Juancho, Jaira & Ronnel went for a run, Juan did a workout and I did a workout in the pool area myself. Melissa and Juan had to goto the department of Health to get their marriage license paperwork done. So the rest of us (Ronnel, Eric, Juancho, Jaira and I) headed for a quick little beach session.  Nothing beats masubi (onigiri but with spam) and leftover Li Hing malasadas for breakfast.

We then joined Melissa & Juan at Ala Moana Mall (1450 Ala Moana Blvd) which takes about 15-20 minutes by bus (take the 8). It’s the biggest outdoor mall in Oahu. We ate at the food court and went to Foodland Supermarket to get fresh poke (marinated ahi ahi sashimi) which apparently is one of the best places to get poke. What makes its even better is that when you purchase items at Foodland, you give them the same phone number and that acts as your membership card and the more you buy, the more you save when you give them your phone number.

The sun isn’t as strong at 4PM as it is at noon. We wanted cheap but good food tonight and returned to Hi Steak at Food Pantry as well as Surf N Turf Tacos (2310 Kuhio St) for some grilled fish taco and garlic shrimp ($4.50 & 4.99USD). I really wanted the kalbi and spicy sesame poke tacos but they were sold out! The tacos were delicious but the grilled fish stood out and over the garlic shrimp.


First full day at the beach – literally. We were there from 8AM until about 4PM I left. Everyone got destroyed by the sun today. NOTE: the sun is extremely strong at noon and it will feel as if your skin is cooking. Re-apply often! Our friends Justin, Kim & Megan arrived however we were still missing a few people. For a late night dinner, we went back to Mac 24/7 with 16 people. I had the hawaiian boneless short ribs (too salty for my liking).

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