Vancouver, Canada – 2023 – Day 93-98

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Vancouver, Canada

It was an incredibly chill day. Early start as I joined Miranda in the morning daycare drop off. Then a big lull until early afternoon.

It was great weather outside so I walked to Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen for a late lunch. I ordered the Bun Thit Nuong, cha Gio (grilled lemon grass pork & spring roll w/vermicelli) $17.95CAD.

Walked over to Pallet Coffee and back to see the mountains in the distance.

For dinner, we went to Romer’s Burger Bar by the water. 3-6PM & 9PM was happy hour time. I got the Valentina Tater Tots $6.95CAD, man’s man slider 4.95CAD & a Romer’s lager 14oz $4.95 CAD

Took a brief stroll by the waters and went back to Miranda’s place and helped prep the patio area with cushions & bag.


East Vancouver, Canada

A Milo & Ro day.

We drove an hour away from East Vancouver to Belcarra to walk the Admiralty Point Trail. The weather was perfect with this trail along the waters. Saw loads of star fish, little crabs and other little critters.

We drove over to Point Moody and grabbed lunch at Steve’s Poké Bar. I got the Shoyu a good time $19.42CAD. We got it to-go and made it to our next destination – Rocky Point.

At Rocky Point, we rented a double kayak for 2 hrs ($67.20CAD for 2ppl) and went around the inlet. We were even able to get really close to a seal in the waters. You paddle but also the back seat has pedals to help steer. Turns out I am not good at multi-tasking with steering with my foot and paddling at the same time.

After all our efforts on the water, we had to reward ourselves with Rocky Point Ice cream. Miranda got the Hokey Pokey and I got the Earl grey n honey $5CAD ea.

Ended the night with a little grocery shopping and a visit to Milk & Sugar Cafe. Got the strawberry mango passionfruit +lychee popping jelly $5.50CAD.


Vancouver, Canada

What a beautiful Friday. We went on a lovely trip to Golden Ear Provincial Park and walked the Gold Creek Falls. Miranda, Tom, Benji, Lena and myself packed into a car and off we went.

The trail itself is fairly flat and easy going. You walk nearby the river for majority of it or at least ears distance of hearing the water rushing. The trees are tall and the light that seeps through is absolutely my favourite thing.

The halfway point has a little clearing where you can hang out at or even take a dip (if you dare) in the glacier water river. There were a few brave enough to make it far enough in to let the current take them down the river a bit.

The water was cold and stung like needles but refreshing afterwards. Benji loved this area because he could throw rocks into the water.

We made it to the lower falls and that was enough for us. We climbed on the rocks that are right in front of the falls and were greeted by beautiful views and a refreshing misting.

Made it back to the half way point to enjoy our packed sandwich lunches. We made it home by 430PM.

We were greeted by Becca who had just come home from work. We had a girls dinner out. We made our way to Steveston and had Pajo’s for dinner. But before dinner, we took some photos around that area. Pajo’s make some great fish and chips. We all ordered the Cod Tacos $17.99CAD and that’s including fries but the best part is that they have unlimited refill of fries if you want it already included! Becca bought us yummy ume and grapefruit drinks and with the sun going into golden hour, it was such a treat.

The main priority of the evening was to goto J Squared Ice Cream. They make Asian fusion ice cream and well let’s just say we left with at least 6 pints ($12CAD ea). Thai Milk tea, oolong milk tea, dirty Oreo, Viet ca phe to name a few.

We (Tom, Miranda, Becca & Lena) ended the night playing boardgames and bananagrams.


Vancouver, Canada

A wholesome day with Lena, Miranda, Tom & Benji. Started the day off at Stanley Park.

We walked a bit of the seawall where you could see the cityline, the mountains and Lion’s Gate bridge. We walked to the Lighthouse.

We made our way to Second beach where it was lively but not too lively especially for a long weekend.

We got Obanhmi for lunch. I got the Chicken Lemongrass.

A quieter afternoon with a BBQ at home. With the weather being as amazing as it was, Miranda, Lena and myself made our way to the English Bay area to take in the sunset. This brought me back to 2014 when I lived in Vancouver for a month and lived near the area.


Vancouver, Canada

My heart is full. It’s truly amazing how volleyball has really contributed and connected people into my life.

Started the day joining Becca & Lena at service.

Attended the TFC Volleyball 23rd annual M/W 6’s tournament – Vancouver Asian volleyball tournament at Bonsor Rec Complex. 9Man Asian Volleyball isn’t such a big thing in the west coast of Canada so this tournament is the closest it gets to providing a space for the Asian community to compete in a tournament together. Sad to not have played but so very happy to have surprised people with my appearance who I know through the 9man community who are from or now live in Vancouver. The games were lots of fun to watch.

Grabbed lunch at Metrotown (felt like a Scarborough Town Centre). Got Taiwanese chicken, an egg waffle & HK style tea at Bubble waffle Cafe $21CAD.

After the tournament ended, we went back home, chilled for a bit and I tried to edit a bit. We had sushi for dinner.

Although we didn’t play in the tournament, we went out to the Afterparty at Aura. Toronto, Calgary & Vancouver friends all together for a fun night albeit the music wasn’t the greatest, we still had fun. Dance battle to end the night. We ordered an Evo (car share) since ubers were $45CAD. You can literally park them anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area and renting for an hour is about $20CAD.


Vancouver – Toronto, Canada

Day 98/98 – Final day of the trip!

Went on a morning hike at Lighthouse Park with Miranda, Tom & Benji.

Walked Juniper’s loop, Shore Pine Point and made it to the lighthouse as well as the big rock that overlooks the lighthouse. Beautiful views of the ocean with glimpses of people rappelling down.

Made it back home for Benji’s nap and had more sushi for lunch. Eating sushi in Vancouver always makes me have to go on hiatus from eating it in Toronto for awhile because its so good out west.

Hung out with Lena & Becca for a bit before dropping off Becca at her Ultimate game and went to Queen Elizabeth Park. The views of the city and of course the gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park are a wonderful calming Oasis. Some cherry blossoms were still in bloom yet the other plants were full range of bloomed, fully bloomed or already bloomed and gone.

Before heading home, Miranda & Tom took me to L&G Bubble Tea where you can still get a bubble tea with pearls for $3.50CAD. I got the Taro milk tea with pearls and it was really tasty. Still being full from lunch, Miranda wanted to ensure I still ate before heading out. They ordered the 24 from Bun Cha Ca Hoang which is a tomato based broth but also contains dill noodle soup and they also ordered the chicken wings.

Said my final goodbyes to everyone and off to the airport we went. Flew home with Westjet (so thankful the strike didn’t end up happening) 4.5hrs redeye back to Toronto.

And there you have it.

98 days, 8 countries, 48 cities, 25 flights with so many new experiences and friendships that have come from it.

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