Overview – New Zealand 2010

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Did you know New Zealand is the first country to see the new day.

-Kiwis are flightless birds that have bad hearing and eyesight

My observations of New Zealand:

-GPS is your best friend, carry a torch (flashlight), start your day early and enjoy the scenery!

-It’s hard to find non-carbonated here besides water

-New Zealand has a lot of Koreans

-driving on the right side is so weird and nervewracking

-Very laidback here



-City but doesn’t feel as city-like as Sydney or Melbourne


Rotorua & surrounding

-Smells like eggs – due to all the sulphur and geo thermal gases

-all about outdoor activities

-Driving to different cities isn’t too bad – Waitomo, Taupo, Taraunga – all within 1-3 hours from Rotorua.

-adventure and nature everything

-Tongariro National Park is my all time favourite place and I wish we had more time to actually get further immersed… Next time…

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