Overview – Chicago – 2016

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Overview of Chicago

-Revolving Doors everywhere – keeps the wind out and keeps heat / AC in.

-Free WIFI almost at every corner

-Servers always check ID for alcohol

-Chicago is a very walkable city – grid like pattern similar to NYC but more compacted. Similar to San Francisco

-Biking is also a great way to get around

-In the spring/summer – you can rent a kayak and kayak through the canals / rivers of the city

-CTA pass is very useful – but if you want to purchase anything more than a 1 day pass – you must purchase a Ventra Card and the machines take exact change or you won’t get change back.

-The trains are very easy to use and one of the fastest and easiest ways to get into the city from the airport.

-Trains run above ground on tracks, underground and bus service is frequent.

-The Loop & River North are actually quite quiet and empty at night

-Dunkin Donuts and Starbuck are everywhere – WIFI included!

-It is indeed the windy city and with the grid pattern, the wind does funnel

-Wear layers as the wind does cause a flux in warmth

-Rain comes down for a short burst of time then stops

-The golden light is beautiful but can only be caught on certain streets at certain times of the day as the buildings are all very tall.

-The John Hancock Building gives great views and isn’t as Skydeck. Plus it is 360 view!

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