Osaka, Japan 2012 – Day 11

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With a late start, we did laundry at the hostel and grabbed some onigiri from 7-Eleven before making our way to the Ramen Museum by Ikeda Station. We needed to take the train to Osaka Station to switch over to the Hankyu line. The Ramen museum is free and showcases the origins of cup noodle and the design and packaging methods throughout the years. We made our own customized cup noodle for 300¥.  To make your own personalized cup, you put money into a vending machine to receive a blank cup noodle cup. You then proceed to an area where you are free to design and colour your cup any which way you want before getting in line to choose your soup base and 4 ingredients before they vacuum seal it then placing it in an inflatable bag to take it away and protect it.

We were to meet Kayo for dinner at 6PM near Osaka station however we got distracted by Yodobashi Camera Store (so bright and so many signs) that we were late to meet Kayo. We met at Tennoji station and walked over to Tsuruhashi Fugetsu Yodobashiumeda for Okonomiyaki (cabbage and egg pancakes with meat). We chose to share 4 – shrimp, potato & cheese, squid with noodle, and beef. Kayo also ordered something that had meat and mochi which was really good. They bring your order to your table where they have a flat top where they cook it right in front of you.

After dinner, Kayo took us into another building called Abeno Q’s Mall. There are tons of 100¥ shops as well as one of our favourite stores – Uniqlo (much larger than the one at Daimura Mall). Very strange to see the lack of security they had in the malls to “lock-up” their stores using only netting.


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