Itinerary – Peru & Panama – 2016

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Peru & Panama 1122-120116

This trip to Peru has been in talks for years with a certain group of people and it finally happened about 3-4 years after our original discussions because a flight deal popped up on to Lima, Peru (with stopover in Panama) for only $417 CDN roundtrip including taxes with COPA Airlines. Within a 2 hour span of sharing this deal with my friends, initially 2 plus myself booked the flight­ egging on others to come join.

I am usually one of the main people to do the organizing and research for my trips but this one all goes to Karen with some help from Chi. My schedule got really busy and I wasn’t able to provide my organizing skills to this trip but Karen is a 1 woman team and does a stunning job of it including her signature little booklet she makes with everything including tips, timing for buses, train, taxis to dinner reservations and other bookings.

After the initial booking, we were able to add on my brother Andrew and then Karen’s friend’s Sofia & Ronan from SF and slowly after that, Andrew’s friends Gayaanan and Partrick joined us making it a 8 person trip with the priority of time focused on the inca trail hike to Machu Picchu. We chose the 4 day 3 night hike in late November and luckily the weather was absolutely perfectly timed for us. I travelled with Karen & Chi the entire time as the rest split off after the Inca Trail trek on other adventures.



-Parque de la Reserva – Water show

-Pardo’s Chicken

-Sleep Lima – 1900 Backpackers




-Inca Trail Briefing – Alpaca Expeditions

-Lunch – Chicha


-Taxi to Urubamba

-Sleep Urubamba – Amaru Valle Hotel



-Maras Salt Mine

-Moray Ruins

-Ollantaytambo Ruins

-Dinner – El Albergue

-Sleep – Ollantaytambo – Kamma Guesthouse



-Alpaca Expedition – 4 Day 3 Night Hike – Inca Trail to Machu Picchu



-Arrive at Sun gate & Machu Picchu

-Sleep – Aguas Caliente

-Dinner – El Indio Feliz

-Sleep Aguas Caliente – Panorama B&B



-Hike Machu Picchu Mountain

-Sky train to Ollantaytambo

-Bus back to Cusco


-Sleep – Lima – Los Girasole



-Breakfast – Manolo Churro

-Free walking tour


-Sleep – Panama – Occidental Panama



-Tranviatour – Panama Canal

-Casco Viejo


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