eSim – 2023

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For all my travels in the past, If I needed data, I always purchased a local sim. However with the evolution of technology, there are now eSims which changes the game. No need to purchase physical sim cards per country but instead, with an unlocked phone that can use eSims, I can purchase data packages and have connection the moment I enter a country. This is also clutch since you can keep your original sim in your phone so you don’t lose it.

My friend who was travelling recommended Airalo and oh man, what a game changer! This trip going to 8 different countries, I thought I was going to have to stop and grab a new sim card every time but not this time and never again.

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I purchased the 20GB – 180 days Global eSim Package ($89USD – *as of Jan 2024 – this same package is $59USD). All I had to do was enter the correct information into the APN (I did this before I left Canada at the airport) and it was automatically connected in every country & city the moment I get off Airplane mode as it finds the local networks.

They have great packages and the countries they cover is the most extensive I’ve seen. Majority of the packages are data only but there are options for Data/Call/Texts on the Global plans. If data only, you can still make calls but via apps such as Whatsapp.

I finished the trip still having about 6.5GB left. I ended up going to Ohio 2 weeks after arriving back to Canada and I still had Airalo data to spare for that weekend trip.

Best advice I can say with using your phone for everything while travelling is get a good portable battery charger and put your phone into Battery saver mode to make your battery last all day.

Since coming back from my last worldwide trip, I have heard good things about Flexiroam for shorter trips and more country coverage but obviously have not tested it out. The world of eSims are growing so you might need to research more on this to find the best one for you.

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