Kaʻaʻawa – Oahu – Hawaii – 2014 – Day 9


It’s finally Wedding day!

The bride and groom were both busy trying to write their vows.

The videographer Philip and his assistant Gabriel of Supreme Video Productions joined us that morning to get well acquainted with the space and people.

In Hawaii, rain is counted as a blessing which we were blessed with a light sprinkle in the morning. The actual ceremony went off without a hitch after the morning blessings. It was a breathtaking and beautiful event to be present accompanied by the fact the couple was surrounded by loved ones and the environment just added to it.

For the dinner portion – John, Julian & tall Ryan our chefs (who came over from Toronto) created a wonderful feast kamayan style served on banana leaves. These family style platters included fresh locally sourced fish, ahi poke they made, chicken, kalua pulled pork, taro chips, corn, mac & cheese just to name a few.

The desserts were amazing too! They made rum cake with a pineapple glaze (apparently too strong) and Melissa and Juan’s wedding cake was actually a cupcake tower and smashed a cupcake into each others faces. They would have loved to do paper lanterns you light up or even sparklers but apparently both are illegal in Hawaii now.

Kaʻaʻawa – Oahu – Hawaii – 2014 – Day 8


Rented 3 cars. Took a hour or so to get everyone and everything organized. They ran out of compact cars so we got upgraded to 2 SUV and still got 1 van – It was real life tetris to pack the cars with luggage and people. We left Aqua Bamboo to our next location – Plantation Estate in Ka’a’awa. Before we got there, we stopped by Mike’s Huli Huli Food Truck (43-525 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe). Guy Fieri has been here and you know Diners, Drive-in and Dives recommended is always good as I’ve tested in Vancouver. I got the garlic shrimp plate and it was so tasty and the shrimp were huge! The estate is so beautiful with mountains peaking from behind one side and the ocean across the street. This estate can accommodate 22 people.

The rental company came and set up the beautiful lanterns and brought all rentals including utensils, plates, cups, chairs and the archway. While that was happening, a group of us set out to Foodland (Kaneohe – 30 minutes away) to purchase food to feed 17-25 people for dinner plus breakfast as well as get alcohol for the wedding the following day. We purchased roughly $1100USD worth of groceries and alcohol but the savings (when you give them your phone number) were impeccable and we saved $245USD.

We got back and prepped dinner. We made chicken wings, steak plate styled steak, mixed salad, asian potato salad and rice courtesy of Justin, Eric, and myself.

All in all, perfect night.